Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sick Leave Memories

This picture was taken a month ago after my surgery/odontectomy(extracting of impacted tooth)..definitely i have 1 week sick leave...Since i cannot do anything just rest rest and rest...i am just staying in my room ,chatting,playing FB games etc..One morning my kiddo kristi bring along my niece`s daughter jana..(so to speak apo ko na...hahhahaha tanda ko na)...they`re so funny then because the are doin like a pink panther walks coz they thinks that i am stilll sleeping that time..the sweetest part of that is they woke me up by kissing and kissing my cheeks..For me this small gestures from a kid is very touchy coz at their early age they already thinks sweet things that they can do for someone...Good thing i took a picture of it,so that i can preserved the sweet memories of this 2 sweet kids....


  1. a sweet memory to keep.. priceless!!!

  2. ako may apo rin eh. dami na nila. tsk tsk.

  3. tanda na pala natin....well,just keep on smiling it will make us feel young at heart...ryt?