Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lucky Charms

So funny that eventhough am not chinesse,still i believe on lucky charms.This lucky charms stayed on my wallet for quit so long,to begin...The dollar bill u were seeing is from my sister abroad,i remember she gave me a wallet comes with this dollar bill,at first i laughed at it and i asked her what is this for? she said "swerte yan"so i said "ok"that wallet she gave me is already 6 yr old so which mean to say that the dollar bill is already 6 yr old too...Next one is the 20 pesos mexican currency...One of my officemate way back 2007 is inspecting my wallet during our lunch time then...and he saw this dollar bill and said"uy u believe on this pala"so a few moments he went back to me and handed me this mexican money..."o pampapadagdag swerte mo"..I was surprised because i know that it was also his lucky charm but still he gaves that to me..On the other side u`ll see the black stone...this one was from our team station design contest last May 2008...the story behind this is very cute..I am not really into selling but my job is a mix of customer service and sales as well.So we need to sell to pass our playing this stone at that very moment and guess what i just had 2 sales in a i decided to keep this stone in my wallet.hehehe...So far its nice to know tahat since i have this charms on my wallet i never experience financial crisis that am pretty sure that this charms will be staying on my wallet...

Friday, August 7, 2009

Smells Good....

It`s really weird of me nowadays that i am so hook to a lot of scents of perfumes...I used to remember when i was a kid i easily get dizzy everytime i smells perfumes,but right now i do adores it..i cant really get out of house without it...and come to think of it a 50ml bottles will only last for 2-3 months for me...that is why my sister in abroad knows what i will ask for pasalubong...2-3 bottles good for a year supply...Vanity yes...but it adds confidence to me...

Saturday, August 1, 2009


3 years ago,for me sunday is the most awaited day of the the week it is because that is the day my family goes out to attend mass and go on malling...But at this moment of my life,sunday now is just an ordinary day..were i usually stayed at home,watching dvd`s,doin the household chores,and surfing the net...sad part am doin it alone...If you actually look at the picture of my kiddos here they looks happy,today they will going to meet thier glad that my kids are happy eventhough am sad....haizt...i hope i could bring back the old sundays that i used to have before with my kids...Missing them already!!!love u kim and kristi..

Friday, July 31, 2009


Here it is my so called Birthmark...eversince i was a kid people always thinks that i have a dirt on my arm actually until today same old story..they used to tell "hey marge me dumi ka sa braso and me saying naman na hehehe hindi yan dumi balat ko yan"...And because of that i am not used to wear sleeveless blouses maybe because i dont want others to stare at me naiilang ako?And because of that my friends sometimes tease me and call me gretchen baretto not because i looked like her its only because of the birthmark.If you look on it closer, it`s like a shape of australian map,maple leaf,and heart shape too...well,whatever is it...this is trademark my birthmark...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hand me Down

I`ve been busy yesterday afternoon cleaning and organizing some stuffs here at home...When i opened a big plastic box i felt a bit sad because i found these cute shoeses of my babies(its Jordan 16,Jordan 17,nike chango,and Nike baby Hermosa)..I just sat for a moment remembering those days that their feet is so tiny for this shoes..i even remembered those first steps that they took on these shoeses as well...waah its almost 8 years now that we bought this for my panganay....well,lucky enough that from baby up to now he had a good quality shoes...and ofcourse it was hand me down to his baby it is time to hand it down again to their nephew 2 kids are now very much excited to give this to gabin this weekend..sad part that we will letting it go na pero atleast mapapakinabangan nanaman ulit...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Native Sleepers

So happy this morning when i recieved my new native sleepers(green) from my niece named penpen(short for pennylane)who just arrived from baguio last night...So excited to wear it,so i rushed into the bathroom to wash my feet so that i can wear it right away..thank u again my beautiful niece..While on the left photo that sleepers(pink) is from paul a.k.a Berting_putik,a friend from Plurk.That one was made in bikol...Well,i really dont know the charisma of native slepers brings to me...all i know really feels comfortable on feet...i remember i used to buy 5 pairs for the whole yr round...some kinda addictness...hehehe...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sick Leave Memories

This picture was taken a month ago after my surgery/odontectomy(extracting of impacted tooth)..definitely i have 1 week sick leave...Since i cannot do anything just rest rest and rest...i am just staying in my room ,chatting,playing FB games etc..One morning my kiddo kristi bring along my niece`s daughter jana..(so to speak apo ko na...hahhahaha tanda ko na)...they`re so funny then because the are doin like a pink panther walks coz they thinks that i am stilll sleeping that time..the sweetest part of that is they woke me up by kissing and kissing my cheeks..For me this small gestures from a kid is very touchy coz at their early age they already thinks sweet things that they can do for someone...Good thing i took a picture of it,so that i can preserved the sweet memories of this 2 sweet kids....

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Magic Carpet

Why bothering calling this a Magic Carpet...seriously thou,every friends who visits my crib really loves my Winnie the Pooh carpet,its not the typical carpet that we used to have in the markets....the texture of this one is really smooth like a velvet...i never stepped on this when my feet is not comes from a shower...same instructions that i strictly command to my friends..heheh...that is why they says ang arte mo marge!!!OC ka!!!hahha funny thing they still abide...when they sleep over here..they want to sleep even without cusion or anything....and in the morning they would say panalo ang carpet mo marge!!!parang water bed ang sarap matulog kahit walang pillow!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Girly thing Collections

A typical girl has its own passion when it comes to fashion.why?because on this we can definitely express our feelings towards something,but sometimes it leads to addiction...not me coz i cannot afford to go on shopping,i really do value what i have right now like what you see on the pictures...These are my mini Collection of bags,and footwears every single piece of that is really important to me...some of them i bought 3-5 years ago...So durabilty of the product counts and also why i love classy style so it will not run out of style ..hoping i can add more to my collections in a differnt feeling everytime i saw these....

Morning Rituals

OMG...cant believe that i have this stuff only for my teeth and mouth,no wonder every morning it consumes my time that may lead to tardiness at funny that i have 2 sets of this in the office and one here at i realized were my money is rightnow...kinda expensive thou its worthy and this were i got my power smile..hihihi

Starting up

I am wondering why i woke early, today thou no work for me start with my daily routine, as i faced my computer,then i finally realized that this is the day that i will start my own blog..i keep on thinking what will be my blog is, it pressures i decided why should it be complicated anyway its my own blog my personality should be on i want everything be simple yet meaningfull..I was inspired by my friends blog such as Reena`s thought,NenNen`s walk with me,Dongho`s Eskapo,Redlan`s web of art,nut`s Embrace life...and recently Kamote_empire`s lamb...they are so amazing when its comes to a bit afraid that my blog is not as good as they have but am pretty sure that you guys will learn something about my walk with me on my own thoughts,explore the art of life,escape with me on every journey.and embrace life with love... this is it...MY SO CALLED LIFE...