Sunday, July 26, 2009

Native Sleepers

So happy this morning when i recieved my new native sleepers(green) from my niece named penpen(short for pennylane)who just arrived from baguio last night...So excited to wear it,so i rushed into the bathroom to wash my feet so that i can wear it right away..thank u again my beautiful niece..While on the left photo that sleepers(pink) is from paul a.k.a Berting_putik,a friend from Plurk.That one was made in bikol...Well,i really dont know the charisma of native slepers brings to me...all i know really feels comfortable on feet...i remember i used to buy 5 pairs for the whole yr round...some kinda addictness...hehehe...


  1. nice and comfy lookign slippers.

    Enjoy the week sistah!

  2. sabi ko na nga ba at gawang bikol ung 1st pic ah. hehehe. i have 3 pairs of native sleepers from bikol, 1 sa office, 1 sa bahay tapos reserve pa ung isa.

    happy monday to you girl!

  3. i can't remember having slippers like these. Mukha nganag masarap sa paa...

    Btw, i am extending my old tag to you. Check out this post. --> Wala ka pa kasi nung ginawa to eh. Hehe... have fun!!!

  4. Thank you bluerose for visiting and for the comment....

  5. Naku reena u must try one....very comfie talaga....i`ll visit again ur blog...