Saturday, August 1, 2009


3 years ago,for me sunday is the most awaited day of the the week it is because that is the day my family goes out to attend mass and go on malling...But at this moment of my life,sunday now is just an ordinary day..were i usually stayed at home,watching dvd`s,doin the household chores,and surfing the net...sad part am doin it alone...If you actually look at the picture of my kiddos here they looks happy,today they will going to meet thier glad that my kids are happy eventhough am sad....haizt...i hope i could bring back the old sundays that i used to have before with my kids...Missing them already!!!love u kim and kristi..

Friday, July 31, 2009


Here it is my so called Birthmark...eversince i was a kid people always thinks that i have a dirt on my arm actually until today same old story..they used to tell "hey marge me dumi ka sa braso and me saying naman na hehehe hindi yan dumi balat ko yan"...And because of that i am not used to wear sleeveless blouses maybe because i dont want others to stare at me naiilang ako?And because of that my friends sometimes tease me and call me gretchen baretto not because i looked like her its only because of the birthmark.If you look on it closer, it`s like a shape of australian map,maple leaf,and heart shape too...well,whatever is it...this is trademark my birthmark...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hand me Down

I`ve been busy yesterday afternoon cleaning and organizing some stuffs here at home...When i opened a big plastic box i felt a bit sad because i found these cute shoeses of my babies(its Jordan 16,Jordan 17,nike chango,and Nike baby Hermosa)..I just sat for a moment remembering those days that their feet is so tiny for this shoes..i even remembered those first steps that they took on these shoeses as well...waah its almost 8 years now that we bought this for my panganay....well,lucky enough that from baby up to now he had a good quality shoes...and ofcourse it was hand me down to his baby it is time to hand it down again to their nephew 2 kids are now very much excited to give this to gabin this weekend..sad part that we will letting it go na pero atleast mapapakinabangan nanaman ulit...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Native Sleepers

So happy this morning when i recieved my new native sleepers(green) from my niece named penpen(short for pennylane)who just arrived from baguio last night...So excited to wear it,so i rushed into the bathroom to wash my feet so that i can wear it right away..thank u again my beautiful niece..While on the left photo that sleepers(pink) is from paul a.k.a Berting_putik,a friend from Plurk.That one was made in bikol...Well,i really dont know the charisma of native slepers brings to me...all i know really feels comfortable on feet...i remember i used to buy 5 pairs for the whole yr round...some kinda addictness...hehehe...